Hello, I am Emily (but you can call me Domino), 17 years old, a predominantly digital artist and currently suffering doing A-levels. This is where I post my art and other things that may take my interest. Feel free to ask me some questions!
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I can feel it.
It is time.
Brendan is at large.




I will do my best to carry you when you need a lift


Comfort you when you’re sad


We all feel down now and then


But I’m here if you need me


Images from the production of “World’s Collide” for Panama’s new national natural history and science center, the Bio Museo…..

The exhibit covers the interchange of animal species that occurred between North and South America when the Panamanian land bridge was exposed, joining the two continents.

I’m sorry but

can we just discuss this picture

Sometimes, loving someone so much can be dangerous. Especially with paper hearts.